Merchant's 2015 Digital Marketing Predictions

With the end of 2014 looming, all businesses should be starting/ have started to think about what their focus is for 2015 and how this translates into the digital space.

Over the years the shift from offline to online marketing has continued to grow exponentially. In order to keep our clients and future clients ahead of their competition - staying up to date with the digital space is essential. 

We have pulled together our top 5 digital marketing predictions for 2015. 

1. Content marketing

The current growth in content marketing is set to continue to rise in 2015. Content marketing has become and will continue to be a significant expenditure within a companies marketing budget. Marketing is moving away from the more traditional methods towards producing targeted high quality content.

2. Marketing data

With data for marketing being more available than ever, it is becoming easier to understand customer's interaction with your business. As time goes on and more companies are introducing new tools, the information available to businesses is becoming more and more detailed, easier to obtain and a lot easier to digest. Resulting in marketing that is a lot more targeted and therefore benefiting businesses in two ways. Reducing marketing spend whilst driving profitability up.

  • Spending on marketing analytics is set to increase by 60% in 2015

3. Adoption of video

The use of video as a key marketing tool has skyrocketed over the past few years. In just  a small space of time, videos can show viewers what your service/ product does in a way you can’t with text and images. Visitors to sites are looking for bite size easily digestible chunks of information – videos fit this brief perfectly and the creation of video/ animation is set to grow into 2015 and beyond.

Benefits for why videos are the way forward well outweigh the negatives for video production. Merchant produce both video and animations from storyboarding, script writing through to delivery – click here to see our show wheel.

Top benefits for adapting video marketing:

  1. Simplicity - Video helps to break down complex information into much easier, digestible and engaging content 
  2. 96% of B2B companies are planning to use video in their content marketing over the next year
  3. Video statistics don’t lie – sites which include video has on average an extra 2 minute dwell time compared to sites which don’t
  4. Bandwidth is no longer an excuse
  5. Video is mobile - Online video now accounts for 50 percent of all mobile traffic

4. Personalisation

With personalisation becoming more available and more widely adopted, the prediction for 2015 is for 1 to 1 digital marketing to be on the increase. The more relevant content is to the end user, the more they are to interact with your business which leads to higher time on site, repeat visits, increased satisfaction which ultimately leads to higher profits.

  • 19% sales uplift for businesses who have personalised their website customer experience.  

5. Mobile

With mobile usage continuing well into 2015, focus has and will continue to shift from desktops and will be driven by mobile and tablet usage. This increase in mobile usage gives us marketers more opportunities to target people especially outside of the 9 to 5 working hours. Not only are sites being built responsibly and with a rise on mobile apps but also companies content marketing plans continues to focus on handheld devices and how they want their information consumed.

  • Mobile spend is growing 7 times faster than the more traditional desktop spend.