Responsive Website Design & Development

CCI is an independent global commodities merchant and an established leader in commodities trading and infrastructure investing. 

The Challenge

CCI's existing site was a quick solution when CCI was set up, in conjunction with a change of ownership in 2012. Although the site provided an overview of their business, the site was lacking engaging content. The site was now needed as a branding tool and having become more established within it's sector and competition as fierce as ever, there was a need within CCI to position themselves as a leader within the commodities market and educate the public about their business. 

One of the first priorities in order to achieve this goal was to redesign their existing website to create a dynamic, information and scalable website. Having seen a previous website produced by the Merchant team for Trafigura, CCI approached Merchant to redesign their website.

The Solution

The primary objective for the new website alongside positioning as a leader was to establish a site that is professional, dynamic and articulated CCI's story and business approach in a visually compelling way.

Appealing to multiple stakeholders was key and therefore the design was focused heavily on feature boxes that enabled CCI to draw attention to particular feature areas and change content as when required.

Although not fully utilised to date, the site was future proofed to enable the sections of the site to expand alongside CCI including the adding of multiple languages as and when required. 

The Results

CCI Website Design

Merchant delivered a site that exceeded the objectives set by CCI. The site was intuitive, visually engaging and fully responsive. The new digital identity will leader the way for CCI as used as a branding tool for future marketing activity.

Our Success