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An industry leading and award winning website, that has seen huge success since its launch. Its customer focused and personalised content has transformed peoples approach to airport and travel planning. The data and retail opportunities have been fully maximised to provide excellent results for Gatwick. 

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Giving visitors what they want

What can we do to make our passengers / customers feel more like welcomed guests, rather than strangers simply passing through? That is the challenge.

The user experience (UX) effort started from a holistic viewpoint, and asked the big questions: Who is the site for? What should it do? How should it do it?

To find the answers we directed our attention to the people who we were ultimately designing the site for: anyone flying in or out of Gatwick Airport, and anyone picking up or dropping off. We considered the design task from their viewpoints.

Delving deeper into the psychology of air travel and airport usage, we considered the confusion, anxiety and potential frustration that different user groups might encounter during their contact with an airport. What do people need to know, and when? How do they behave? How do they interpret the physical space of an airport? and what understanding do they have of their key tasks of getting to the airport, checking in and navigating security and departures? And lets not forget their key desires for shopping, eating and relaxing.

Our aim was to make life at the airport easier and the total flying experience more enjoyable and less intimidating. We drew up personas and detailed customer journeys to be able to design the site around the users wants and needs.

We organised informational and e-commerce elements to work together, so that the site supported Gatwick customers with accessible and easy to navigate information, while maximising commercial opportunities for the client. We gave prominence to key e-commerce offerings like car parking and flight booking, making them more discoverable and easier to use.

We also made sure the new site was responsive, so the customer experience was absolutely seamless from their initial engagement, right the way through their Gatwick journey.

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Huge quantities of information have been edited and refined, to make the airport more approachable and easier to understand for infrequent or nervous flyers, while more streamlined for confident or frequent flyers.

This was all backed up with user testing: we used rapid prototyping and user-testing sessions at the airport to ensure our design thinking matched actual user requirements.

The result is an empowering experience giving customers the confidence to really enjoy and make the most of their time at Gatwick Airport.

The personal touch

A flight number can say a huge amount about someone and what they might need. You might be surprised. The new Gatwick airport website has used this to great effect, simply by entering your flight number the site becomes geared around you and your destination.

Knowing your flight number will reveal not just where you are going, but when you will be leaving, which language you may need a phrase book for, whether your destination is hot or cold and therefore if you might need last minute sun screen or scarves, mosquito nets or tour guides. with this data we can tell you about the weather and news at your destination, offers on the best currency deals and travel advice to stay safe. When using a mobile at the airport you can even know in real time how much time you have left to shop or enjoy your meal before safely making it to your gate of departure, by using the 'Pin my Flight' function.

While navigating your way through any part of the site, you can have your flight number pinned on the screen as an overlay that you can refer to at any time.

All this from a flight number.

Gatwick Airport Flight Information

Our aim was to empower visitors to accept the airport as an enjoyable part of their journey.

In best practice web design, absolute clarity is required to present information and navigation in a way that doesn't require any hard work on the users part to get the information they require.

Ultimately the brand experience is delivered with a creative blend of UX, IA, design, photography, copy and headline tone of voice and some heavy content editing.

For an impartial view, see what the team at had to say. 'Sexy' for an airport website has got to be good.

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