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Airport parking is fast becoming a very competitive business. Gatwick was beginning to lose customers to competing (but inferior) companies. The Gatwick Parking site was relaunched with a strong proposition that clearly identified the benefits of their official parking. Since the launch, bookings have exceeded expectations.

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The challenge

Gatwick Airport Parking is the official parking provider for Gatwick Airport. Many proclaim they provide the cheapest airport parking, something that Gatwick cannot compete on, but no one else can use the badge of "official" and "closest" parking.

Gatwick Airport Parking is the airports biggest revenue generator, achieving sales of between £2m - £3m per month and with the majority percentage of this being generated through

The competition for airport parking is strong, with many companies promising equivalent parking for less. It was essential to position Gatwick as the parking option of choice.

Our focus was primarily around quick win improvements, the booking engine and the 5 step booking process. We had to ensure best user experience at all times, by presenting navigation that was clear to use. Anything which didn't work could be costly to Gatwick's revenue generation.

We also were keen to reinforce the reasons to buy with Gatwick Airport Parking, as they face such stiff competition on price.

The solution

Gatwick Parking Booking Engine

After much competitor research it became clear that the key benefit of Gatwick Parking, although slightly more expensive than much of the competition, was the closest and most convenient option available.

Following the positioning the UX was clearly defined by a vigorous 6-month live online A/B testing campaign. The old booking engine was tested against the new and after continuous refinements a final iteration was focused on and fine-tuned for launch.

The site created gave customers a clear reason to choose Gatwick Parking over the competition. It made the booking process simple, easy and quick to use. It also ensured the opportunities to promote other services such as lounges and destination car hire were maximised throughout.

The results

Gatwick Parking Tablet

The new booking engine achieved its target goal of 0.5% percentage point increase on conversion rate, which gave Gatwick Airport Parking an extra £500,000 increase in revenue.

This interim update to the Parking site resulted in Merchant redeveloping the entire Gatwick Parking website offering. 

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