Oil Spill Response Ltd


Developing a Personalised Experience MyOSRL Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL)

We designed and built the new Oil Spill Response Limited OSRL website and developed a complex training and membership area of the site. MyOSRL is designed to add value to the OSRL membership and allow for members to be able to access training information and development plans. MyOSRL has a connection to the OSRL CRM system Goldvision to enable content to be automatically updated when staff add, edit or delete course information. The e-commerce application interface had to be naturally intuitive and therefore easy to use from first visit.


Similarities to requirements

OSRL managed several sister sites, sending visitors to different sites for different information. The new site therefore became about pulling all the information together into one location and becoming a one-stop shop for all their information – this is especially the case for the Centenary website, pulling in information and content from various sources.


Approach taken

Due to the scale of the project, the project was managed in phased deliveries. Leading with extensive scoping to ensure a detailed list of requirements were confirmed prior to starting any programming. This guaranteed the subsequent development time was minimized while still successfully answering the initial requirements. We worked collaboratively with their team to understand resource capacity to ensure any increase in workload for the client could be managed effectively in good time.



The project lead was based in Singapore so time zone differences had to be managed carefully, we ensured that status calls were set up before UK office hours and arranged face-to-face meetings when possible to minimize detrimental impact on the client. The site had to encompass a large volume of complex data and present it in a way that improved user experience but without altering the date structure.


Value added and results achieved

The OSRL website not only has made the experience of their staff significantly easier from a content management point of view but has created a memorable user experience for all visitors to the site. A large proportion of visitors use the mobile version of the site, with information now being in a logical succinct manner. MyOSRL has provided the opportunity to increase the commercial value of secondary services at a time when the core income is suffering.

Our Success