Private Doctor Clinic


Digital Marketing

Private Doctor Clinic is a network of UK trained and NHS practising GPs offering a private primary care service to patients across Greater London and the surrounding counties. Currently operating 12 clinics and with concrete plans to expand to more than 20 others, they are the first GP network of their kind in the UK – offering patients access to highly experienced GPs and a multitude of different services across London 7-days a week.

PDC came to Merchant in August 2016 after witnessing the success of campaigns we had completed for Lambeth GP federation earlier in the year. At the time they had a very basic website, and were conducting no marketing activities beyond word-of-mouth. As a start-up they had no existing patient-base and were very short of bookings.


What we did

Stage one of our brief was to completely rethink and redesign the PDC website. It needed to be appealing to their audience, accurately portray their core offering, and include functionality for enquiries and bookings to be taken. We created different avatars of potential users and with these devised user journeys for how they were likely to navigate the site. This allowed us to structure the website to ensure we captured as many enquiries as possible by including a clear call to action at each key stage. Each Procedure was given a unique landing page that would serve as a destination or target page for subsequent digital marketing campaigns.


Stage two was to create and implement a digital marketing plan to drive traffic to the website and create genuine leads and bookings. This had to have low upfront cost and offer immediate impact. We identified Google AdWords as being the best channel to bring in leads with a high chance of conversion. 

We opted to focus the spend on five, high-population areas of London that were also conveniently located near PDC clinics. We also avoided competing for high-competition, generic keywords such as ‘Private Doctor London’. Instead we focused on keywords that were less competitive but more directly related to services PDC offers such as ‘Skin Tag Removal’; this meant we minimise cost per click and maximise traffic to the website with the limited budget.


The Results

In the first 4 Months…

7,000 Unique Visitors

19,000+ Page views  

850% Stage two ROI

260+ Enquiries and bookings through the website  

Private Doctor Clinic is a start-up venture where we have provided immediate results and return on investment after just 2 months. How could we help you?

Our Success