The London Clinic


Xtreme Everest 2

Leading private clinic, The London Clinic, provided sponsorship to Xtreme Everest 2. The project was organised in collaboration with UCL, Duke University USA and Southampton University, with the aim of investigating the effects of lack of oxygen (hypoxia) on the human body. Hypoxia often occurs in an intensive care environment but also at high altitude.

The Challenge

Even in the 21st century there is still limited understanding of why hypoxia affects some people more than others.

The Xtreme Everest 2 team is made up of dedicated intensive care doctors, nurses and scientists whose aim is to conduct experiments on themselves and over 100 volunteers at high altitude, in order to develop novel therapies to improve the survival rates of their patients in intensive care.

The team members travelled to Everest base camp in supervised groups after undergoing rigorous testing. This testing began in 2012 at sea level at The London Clinic.

Our specialist healthcare pr team, Merchant Healthcare Marketing (MHM), was responsible for coordinating all of the press activity and coverage for the ambitious project.

When the project kicked-off, MHM invited various journalists to observe the initial tests being carried out in the specifically designed laboratory area at The London Clinic. The tests included exercise testing, blood sampling, lung function and muscle biopsies.

MHM arranged for media to attend the testing. The media attendees included BBC News online, BBC World Service, GP Magazine, The Times, The Mail on Sunday and Metro.

The Results

The coverage MHM achieved from the initial sea level testing included human-interest stories for consumer media such as The Daily Telegraph, local articles following an interview with The Press Association and trade pieces in GP magazine. Overall we secured 55 pieces of coverage.

The London Clinic Coverage

As the research project moved on from initial sea level testing at The London Clinic to the organisation of the trek itself, we arranged for the Metro’s health and fitness editor to take part as a trekker. Our journalist went through sea level testing like every other volunteer and in March 2013, she started her 23-day trek to Everest base camp. This secured coverage for The London Clinic in the form of two double-page spreads plus numerous blogs and tweets.

Our Success