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As more commodity trading companies enter the market place, the need is greater to carefully manage the benefits of the 3rd largest commodity trader in the world. Trafigura's new website and communication channels was a huge step forward and bought the business to the forefront of the trading world.

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The Challenge

Trafigura is a privately owned trading and logistics company, dealing in commodities around the world. For many years they have maintained a low profile. As the competition in the market increased there was a requirement to take a very different stance in the market place. It was time to create a step change in the way they presented themselves, their activities and their successes.

Trafigura is a complicated organisation with many different aspects making up their business. The challenge for a new website was to convey the range of their activities and the success of the organisation, while making this relevant to a broad range of users.

The Solution

Trafigura Home Page

Merchant managed all of Trafigura's communications, which included an overhaul of their digital platforms inc. Trafigura website and all of their assets, offline communications and CSR. 

Because of the broad user base, it was important to make sure that the content would have traction with a broad range of users.

The website homepage took the form of a dashboard, offering an instant insight into multiple aspects of the organisation. These were built in a modular way using content blocks, which can easily be moved around to maintain up to date information and the ability to customise around key events.

An important aspect of the project was making sure that the new website and its activities were clearly understood and appreciated. A growing portfolio of video interviews, reports and animations have gone a long way to making sure this is a reality. Video is a powerful way to get across the personality and credibility of the business, giving users the opportunity to see the real Trafigura.

The Results

Trafigura Website Pages has been transformed into an open, engaging and informative window into the world of commodity trading and logistics, both within Trafigura and it’s assets.

Unique views have increased by 23% and the dwell time has increased a significant 38%.

The Trafigura video channel has seen a positive reception with over 3000 views so far. 

As well as the above Merchant has delivered a number of other projects on behalf of Trafigura. These include designing event stands, corporate brochures, corporate adverts and Christmas cards and supporting the company's other assets with website and design services for Trafigura FoundationGalena, Impala, Transfuel and Puma

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